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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wild life Sanctuary is located in the easternmost part of the Maharashtra state. It is of great importance as of bio-diversity point of view. It is famous as for 'Green Oasis' which is preserved miraculously. It is a beautiful sanctuary, which is preserved amidst the beautiful surroundings of nature and simultaneously adorned by the picturesque landscapes and luxuriant vegetation. Its beauty serves asthe outdoor museum for appreciation and to explore the nature. Indeed this wild life Sanctuary is the real and priceless asset of nature and offers the tourists to enjoy its scenic beauty, picturesque landscape, and its pre and fresh environment. We must respect the importance of this marvelous treasure house of nature. It's a really boon to us and so we must protect it as a special gift of national heritage. From the conservation point of view and values, it is gifted with immense potentials.

Government of India, in 2012 ordered it to merge with a national park, so that it will help in becoming the part of the Save the Tiger Project. It's a home to exotic flora and fauna and so it attracts tourists from all around the world, especially who are nature lovers. This place is very comfortable for the fauna and this is the sole reason, why this place is a home to variety of wild life like Indian Wild boar, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Chitkul and much more. A large variety of wild life sheltered under this wild life sanctuary which ranges from reptiles to mammals and a large variety of words.

Flora and Fauna In Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira wild life Sanctuary has rich fauna which ranges from endangered mammals to reptiles. Here you will love to know that Sanctuary is blessed with 166 Avifauna Species, 34 mammals species, 36 reptile specis and 4 amphibian species. Mammals include species of Sloth bear, Small Indian Civet, Indian Gaur, Common Giant, Panther, Flying Squirrel, Four Horned Antelope, Ratel, Palm Civet, Mouse Deer, Bengal Tiger and Pangolinas. Apart from the numbers of mammals, this lovely sanctuary is also home to various reptiles and amphibians species such as Indian Cobra, Tree Frog, Indian Rock Python, Checkered Keelback, Rusell's Viper, Common Monitor, Six-toed Frog, Dhamen, Ramanella Montana and Bullfrog. Apart from these beautiful species, this Sanctuary is also famous for avifauna. This park is home to 166 species of birds. Of which 15 species are migratory birds, 42 species are of local migrants, 13 species comes from endangered. Apart from all these species of birds, a winter migrant and a ladakh's local resident and Tibet-Bar-Haded Goose, visit this park every year. These beautiful birds are the greater attraction for the tourists and it adds a beauty factor to this sanctuary. The birds finds a comfortable home amidst the lush greenery environment of the park. This park is surrounded by some special species of trees like Bamboo, Mahua, Jamun,Bombax and Ain. There are also Weeds, Grasslands and Teak forests complementing the ambience of the park.

This park does not contain any flora of endangered species but it surely contains 200 species of medicinal and of economic importance.

Safari Timing in Nagzira National Park

Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the safari rides amidst this beauty. The facility of safari ride offers you an opportunity to get closer view of the wild life and experience the nature closely so that the memory will be cherished forever. In three different packages. The services of safari ride gets closed in the season of monsoon. You can avail the facility of safari ride from October to June. If you are planning to visit this national park in the month of October, then you can do safari ride in the morning from 6:00-10:00 am and in the afternoon from 2:30 to 6:30. The second package of the safari ride you can avail from 1st of November to 28th/29th February and the timings for the safari rides are 6:30 to 10:30 am in the morningand 2:00 to 6:00 pm in the evening. The third and the last package of the safari ride of the Nagzira National Park is valid from the month of 1st March-30th June and the safari timings are 6:00 am-10am in the morning and 2:30-6:30 pm in the evening.

Best Time to Visit Nagzira

This National park also remains open for only two season. That means it is closed in the monsoon season. It remains open from October to June only. In summer season the temperature lies in between 20 degree to 45 degree C. The summer is hot and humid in Nagzira. But it is considered as the best season, especially for Tiger sighting.

The temperature in winter varies from 7 degree to 26 degree C. This season attracts a heavy footfall of wildlife lovers to explore the park.

How to Reach Nagzira

As it does not have any direct connectivity, travelling to Nagzira is little bit tricky. But in order to have a spectacular view of nature and wildlife, the best possibilities to reach Nagzira are:

The nearest airport is Nagpur which is just 160 kms away from Nagzira. From there you can easily take a taxi to reach Nagzira. For international tourists, the best option is to reach Bombay Airport and from there, they can easily reach to Nagzira via Nagpur. Nagpur and Mumbai are well connected from the major cities of India and outside India.

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