Tadoba Permit Tips

Important Tadoba Permit Tips for First Time Tadoba Visitor:

Tadoba Safari Booking Tips: it is the most important, critical and the starting point of your entire journey to visit Tadoba National Park. Even before booking your train or flight or accommodation, you have to book your safari ride and the right time to go for safari ride and the right gate. Per day, there are two times for safari rides. In the morning the safari rides start at 6/6:30 and in afternoon the time is 2:30/3:00. These times depends and varies, whether it is summer season or winter season. If any tourist is interested in full day safari, it is also there but it depends that the particular person can afford it or not. The full day safari ride is much costlier than the regular safari rides.The tariff of the safari ride also varies as per the buffer zone gate and the core gate. You must choose the right gate while booking your safari ride. It is advisable that go through the Tiger Sighting Index and then book the gate for your safari ride. Most of the tourists who are first time Tadobagoers' book multiple gates for their safari ride to maximize the sightings of tiger but it doesn't give a good result and it is too difficult as the two gates of Tadoba is separated by large distance.

Accommodations: Plan your trip of Tadoba well in advance. After that you have to book your accommodation. You have to prefer that resort which is closer the gate which you have booked. You have to be very careful while making your booking in the resort as the distance between the gates ranges from 20 kms to 140 kms. So, book your resort which is closer to your booked gate. There are very limited resorts in and around the gate. Government accommodations are there on few gates and on few gates, there are no resorts. If booking is not done in time than tourists have to stay in town which is at a distance of 25 to 30 kms.

To and Fro Travel: For train travelers, Chandrapur is the closest railway head for some of the safari gates of Tadoba and for some of the safari gates Nagpur Railway Station is the closest. You have to find out the gate which are closer to you and it depends by which direction you are approaching the Tadoba National Park. Tourists who are coming by flights, for them, Nagpur is the nearest airport and for all the gates of Tadoba National Park. You must prebook your cab from Chandrapur or from Nagpur to reach Tadoba National Park. Even if you will go one way, the cab will charge the rate of both the sides and the rate of the cab also depends upon the distance of the gate from the city/town you are starting your ride.

Food: in most of the resorts booking is done with the charge inclusive of all three times meal. Most of the resorts pack the morning breakfast with the tourists, so that they can have their breakfast easily during their morning safari ride. But in government resorts, food is not included in the package. They have nice canteens and the cost of the food per person/per day is Rs 700. You will not get liquor in Chandrapur (where Tadoba is located) as it is a dry district.

At the Safari Gate: you must have to carry Safari voucher at the time of the entry to safari gate for safari ride at the prescribed time. In the voucher, the name of the persons accompanying in gypsy must be mentioned. You have to produce the original IDs for verification at the safari gate. The number of the IDs on the voucher which you gave and the Ids which you are having must match. In each permit of the safari ride, a guide and the driver are allocated from the department of forest. You must reach at the safari gate half an hour before your safari ride. You will enjoy the safari ride in an open vehicle which accommodates six persons other than the driver and the guide. It is advisable to enjoy six safari rides as every safari ride will give you new experience and the opportunity to spot tiger gets enhanced many times.

Tiger Tracker/ Guide: your trip of Tiger sighting gets increased by many times, if you are on safari ride with expert Tiger Tracker. Always try to accommodate that Tiger tracker who have best reviews and has unique reputation. While making your booking of safari ride, you will get the name of the tiger tracker with their excellent review. Read the review and prefer to go on safari ride with that tiger tracker only. Most of the Tiger trackerjust move here and there and asked the tourist to wait for the tiger to come and then tourists have to wait whole day for spotting tigers sometimes. A good tiger tracker has the entire information about the movement of the tiger and they help the tourists to spot tiger easily. It is excellent experience to have the same tiger tracker in your entire safari ride rather than to change the tiger tracker in your every safari ride.

Tipping: you should tip the driver and the guide at the end of each safari ride. As per the rule of thumb, you should tip by Rs100 to guide and by Rs 200 to driver separately.

Photography: Exploring the national park offers a dusty trail in the forest. In just making your single trip, your entire camera will give red /brown or the color of the soil which is in the national park. It is advisable to carry a bag for camera and keep your camera in that bag when you are not shooting with it. You should not forget to bring cleaning material for cleaning lens. For stabilizing your camera, a bean bag is also too helpful. At national park of Tadoba the supply of electricity is eratic, so you must bring extra batteries along with your camera. If you have knowledge of photography then get ready as this is wildlife photographer paradise.

Wild life: Apart from Tigers there are numbers of other mammals also in the Tadoba National Park. If you are accompanied by some good guide then he will make your trip full of thrilling and excitement as he will help you to sight numbers of other animals apart from Tigers. If you are a bird lover than convey to your guide well in advance.

Clothing: you must carry a face mask for yourself. They are easily available at the entrance of few gates and costing just Rs 100. The mask will protect you from dust, so if any tourist is allergic from dust, this mask will protect him or her easily. You can also carry surgical face mask which is easily available at the shop of the chemist. Some resorts also offer this face mask to its guests. as its chilly in the morning it is advisable to put layers of clothes or you can also carry a blanket. Some resorts give blanket to the tourists for safari ride in the morning.

Communications: At the Moharli gate, you will get the services of only Idea and Reliance. No other networks work in this area. You can say that Kolara is little bit better than Moharli as here the tourists receive some patchy connections of Vodafone and Airtel. The connectivity is too erratic. Nothing works better than the patchy connections of idea and reliance. For the first time Tadoba goer, these tips will be helpful and the deciding factor before making the booking of their safari ride, accommodation, train/flight, guide and numbers of other things. It's a complete Tadoba permit tip and too helpful for the tourists of every corner of the world.If you will preplan your trip nicely, then your enjoyment will multiplies number of times and will not have to face any type of disappointment.

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