Canter Safari in Tadoba

Canter Safari in Tadoba

Canter Safari in Tadoba is one of the most adventurous activities to do for the wild life lovers in Tadoba. It offers you the most adventurous and the thrilling experience to explore the Tadoba National Park. Canter Safari is most suitable for the common people who want to explore the park and enjoy and experience the activities of the wild animals in their natural habitat. Canter Safari is like an open mini bus and can accommodate 22 people in its single safari ride. There are two guides in Canter safari and it also covers the entire routes on which jeep safari moves. So, exploring the Tadoba National Park in canter safari also offers the same thrilling experience and the excitement which you will experience in jeep safari ride.

This canter safari in Tadobais best suitable especially for those people who plan their trip of Tadoba National Park and so the jungle safari ride of Tadoba in their 11th hour. It also best suits to the people who are economically not very sound as the ride of canter safari is too economical in comparison to Jeep Safari and it is on the basis of per seat. This s an inexpensive Tadoba Safari ride which will not create a big hole in your pocket.

If you are interested in canter safari well in advance and want to book your canter safari ride in advance then you have to visit the office of DFO in Chandrapur or the other way of booking canter safari is spot booking at Mohurli gate. You can't book canter safari ride online as online facility for booking canter safari ride is not available till date.

Inexpensive Canter Safari Ride

There are multiple ways for safari ride to explore the Tadoba National Park. The most inexpensive way to explore the jungle of Tadoba and the wild animals in their natural habitat is Canter Safari. This isone of the most suitable, inexpensive and the easiest way for exploring the Tadoba National Park by canter safari ride. The canter safari is mini bus or a big van which can accommodate 18-22 people at a time. The cost of per person is Rs 400 per person which is cheaper than the Jeep Safari. If you want to reduce the cost to explore the Tadoba National Park more than you should switch the gate. You have to switch in buffer zone gate, rather than core gate. Safari ride in Core gate is costlier than the buffer zone gate. cost of your canter safari ride in buffer zone will reduce substantially then the canter safari in core gate.

You have to plan as per your requirement and as per your budget.

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