Best Time to Visit in Tadoba

Best Time to Visit in Tadoba

Gateway to thrill and adventure, Tadoba National Parks welcomes adventure buffs and wildlife aficionados. It is a place where tourists can indulge in sheer thrill and gather numbers of priceless memories of the wild animals and the nature. This oldest and biggest national park is located in the district Chandrapur of Maharashtra and it is famous by the name of "Jewel of Vidarbha".

If you are interested for spotting of Tiger only, then from March to month May is the best season. Spotting of Tiger is easier in the month of may when in summer the temperature increases extremely high then tiger comes out near the water holes. In winter the requirement of water becomes very less. So, it is easier to spot Tiger in the months of summer than in winter. The month of monsoon starts from mid-June and continues till September. Inmid-June as the monsoon arrives, the insect life and thevegetation come alive. In the month of October to November which is the post monsoon months is also best for the tourists to visit Tadoba National Park. In these months you will get the experience of freshness by viewing the beautiful view of the lush green jungle sprawled with beautiful flowers. Month of December to February, winter season starts but due to the tropical climate, temperature in these months remain quite high and thus best suitable for the tourists to explore every corner of the national park.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba for Sighting Tigers

Best time to sight tigers in Tadoba is in the hotter months from March to May. Before you plan for a trip of Tadoba National Park, you must check TSI (Tiger Sighting Index) month wise. It will give you the exact data month wise and thus it will be great helpful to make your program.

You can enjoy safari rides in morning, in evening and for full day also. In morning and evening safari rides, the spotting of tiger becomes easier. You will spot the Tiger walking and prowling. Full day safari offers you an opportunity to catch the tigers in peaceful surroundings either sleeping or taking rest. When they are with their cubs, you can also watch tigers in a playful mood.

Best Season for Visiting Tadoba for Birding

If you are a bird lover and specially want to spot the bird only then the best time is from January to late April. Insect life and vegetation are at its best in mid-June till the end of August due to monsoon period.

Best Season to visit Tadoba to Enjoy Lush Green Forest

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the beauty of the nature at it full bloom then plan to visit Tadoba in post monsoon. After monsoon, the beauty of the jungle adds many times by beautiful flowers and lush green grasslands. You will enjoy the nature and its beauty apart from the wild life of the Tadoba National Park.

If you are planning to visit Tadoba National Park in the end of December then make your booking 120 days earlier to avoid any type of disappointment. But if you want to enjoy the tigers in solitude and the forest of Tadoba National Park then avoid going in late December.

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