Tadoba Andhari National Park

Tadoba National Park is located in the district Chandrapur which lies in the state of Maharashtra (India). It is one of the biggest and the oldest national park which occupies the heart of the reserve forest. The flora and fauna of this national park attract wildlife lovers around the world.


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Information About Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is notably the largest and the oldest national Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra. It is also famous by the name of Tadoba Andhari National Park. Out of 47 Tiger Reserves which are existing in India, it is one of the oldest national parks which exists about 150 kms from the Nagpur city in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Tadoba National Park was created in the year 1955 by occupying the area of 1727 sq.kms as the total area for Tiger Reserve. In 1986, Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary came into existence and in 1995, it was amalgamated with the Tadoba National Park and thus Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve was created. For Villagers,‘Tadoba’ is the name of God which is praised by the local tribals of that region and Andhari is the name of the river which flows in that area, so this Tiger reserve got the name of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

As per the National Census on Tigers of 2010, tadoba national park is the home of about 43 Tigers and it is the maximum numbers of Tigers in India. Some Important Highlights of the Tadoba National Park:

  • The vegetation of the Tadoba Andhari National park occupies an area of 626 sq. kms and its type is Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous which is favorable for the wild life.
  • For visitors this park remains open from 15th October to 30th June in every season. In this period, this national park remains open for all days for the visitors except Tuesday. Every Tuesday, wildlife park remains closed for the visitors.
  • Presence of lakes ensures the rich water resources of the national park and the most prominent species of tree in tadoba tiger reserve is Teak.
  • Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve has dense forest area, deep valleys, smooth meadows and a beautiful atmosphere which is most suitable to stabilize maximum numbers of tigers.
  • As the major portion of this national park is located in the hilly area, the terrains and the numbers of hillocks are the main shelter for the wild animals here.
  • Here tourists can enjoy Tiger or Jungle Safari in an open top gypsy which is most thrilling and exciting and one of the most important attractions of the Tadoba National Park.
  • Tourists can also enjoy the spotting of Sloth Bear and Wild Dogs in this national park.
  • In this national park, tourists can spot some of the best native woodland bird species of Central India.
  • Accommodation facilities for the tourists are available but mainly they are concentrated at the two important gates, Mohurli Gate and Kolara Gate of the Tadoba Andhari National Park.
Flora and Fauna of Tadoba National Park

Flora and Fauna of Tadoba National Park is very rich and famous too. Here, the flora of this national park offers a wildly and thrilling experience and you will get the opportunity to spot Teak, Bija, Ain, Hald, Dhauda, Semal, Salai, Beheda, Tendu, Karaya Gum, Hirda, Arjun, Mahua Madhuca, Bheria, Bamboo, Black Plum and numbers of other trees in abundance. Apart from the various trees in this forest, it also includes varieties of wild animals other than Tiger like Sloth Bears, Indian Leopards, Nilgai, Gaur, Striped Hyena, Dhole, Jungle Cats, Small Indian Civet, Spotted Dear, Sambar, Chital, Barking Dear, Indian Python, Chital, Crested Serpent Eagle, Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Indian Cobra, Jewel Beetles, Peacock, Wolf Spiders and many others.

The Tadoba Andhari National Park is mainly divided into three different forest ranges. The are Kolsa South Range, Tadoba North Range and Morhurli Range. Morhurli range is located in between the other two forest range. The beauty of this national park multiplies many times by the presence of one river (Tadoba River) and two lakes (Kolsa Lake and Tadoba Lake) which gets overwhelmed in every season of monsoon. These lakes and the river are the main resources of the vital ingredients required to sustain the life of the park. There are 59 villages in and around the Tadoba National Park. Five villages are completely inside the core zone and the villagers still farm in the core area of the national park.

Tadoba National Park is a great place for wild life lovers and nature lovers. The location of this national park is so nice that it is easily accessible by train, bus or by flight and so it attracts a large number of tourists every year.

Entry to Tadoba National Parks with Covid-19 Safety Rules

After a long gap due to COVID-19, the Tadoba National park in Maharashtra is going to open from 1st October, 2020.Entire world is fighting with pandemic but now by taking precautionary measures almost all the sectors are opening gradually. Click Here Full Article


In the periphery of the famous Tadoba national park, there are numbers of comfortable hotels and wild life resorts in order to cater the influx of the wild life and the nature enthusiasts. Entire hotels in Tadoba offer world class amenities to its guests who visits this place from different corners of the world. Some of the important hotels in Tadoba are:

Activities to Enjoy when you are in a Tadoba National Park

Being the largest and the oldest wild life sanctuaries in India, Tadoba National Park is famous for conserving numbers of wild animals and the endangered species of Tigers. For wild life lovers and nature lovers, this place is a dream destination. It has a wide species of different wild animals and wide range of plants and flowers. Here tourists are assured that their presence in the Tadoba National Park means guarantee to spot tiger. It is such an attractive place that nature photographers, wild life and bird enthusiasts and other tourists alone or with family and children visit it frequently. Some of the important activities while on Tadoba tour:


By the safari ride in Tadoba National Park, you get the opportunity to watch animals from close and this moment is required by the wild life photographers. It’s a best place for wild life photographers and the other people too for taking photographs of Tigers and other animals. You can also click the beautiful pictures of lovely lakes and beautiful streams, exquisite trees and plants.

Jungle Safari in the Dense Forest of Tadoba

You will love the bio-diversity of TadobaAndhari region with numbers of different species of reptiles and mammals apart from Bengal Tiger and other wild animals. You will love to watch 74 types of colorful butterflies and more than 190 species of bird’s species. Jungle Safari in Tadoba National park offers you an opportunity to have refreshing safari ride which will keep you informed and enthralled. It is advisable for tourists to pack a lunch box along with your trip and enjoy a long trip to spot Tiger many times as hereyou will get the opportunity to watch tigers frequently.

Shopping of Local Products

You have to visit Palasgaonvillage to collect numbers of attractive bamboo products as this village is most popular for producing varieties of bamboo products since long time. Residents of Palasgaon engage themselves in producing abundance of bamboo products for improving their economic condition. Here you have numbers of opportunities to buy plethora of items made by bamboo like baskets, lampshades, bins, kitchen items, furniture, vases and many other attractive items. You will love to watch the activities of craftsmen and also get interested in learning the craftsmen work of chiseling away at the bamboo shoots.

Memorable Visit to a Village

Tourists from different cities of India and different corners of the world don’t get satisfied by visiting any popular attractions unless until they get the feeling of local. If you want to enjoy the local feeling, then you have to visit Adegaon village and the other nearby villages. You will love the feel of that place and mingle yourself in the local flavor of that village. You will enjoy to watch their culture, their way of life, cuisine and their unique art. If you will try to have lunch in one of the houses of the village, then you will feel the difference between the traditional cuisines and the modern cuisines. Rather it will give you a life time memory.

Nature Walks

Nature lovers will love to walk amidst the beautiful nature and the chirping of birds. If you are a bird lover than ample of opportunity to spot birds, even during your short walk. Get in a joyous mood by spending some time in morning in walking amidst the surroundings of the forest area of Tadoba National Park and also enjoy the soothing feeling of the streams flowing across the forest area of the Tadoba.

Of all the activities in Tadoba National Park, the most important activity is to have jungle safari of the Tadoba National Park and it is the most important attraction of the destination. When tourist spot the tiger easily here, then they feel that their trip was worth and they have valued their money. So, plan fast to some precious and memorable time amidst the beautiful nature of Tadoba and the wild life of Tadoba.