Tadoba Frequency Questions & Answers

What is the Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park?

The best time to visit Tadoba National Park is from March to May. The possibilities of tiger sighting in these months are maximum. Monsoon season starts from June and remains till September. During these months, National parks remain closed. Winter Season from November to February is also nice for visiting Tadoba.January to late April is the best time for Birding. Bird lovers can plan to visit this national park in these months. Post monsoon period is the best time to visit Tadoba especially for nature lovers. During these periods the beauty of jungle enhances and the tourist will love to watch lush green forest full of colorful flowers and eye soothing greenery.

How many Tigers are there in Tadoba national Park?

The buffer and the core areas of Tadoba National Park is estimated to have 115 tigers and 151 leopards as per the latest report on ‘Status of Tigers, copredators and prey in TATR’. The estimated number of tigers in Tadoba National Park has increased from 88 to 115 in 2019. The number of tigers increased from 2018 due to scanning of more area. In 2018, 1310 sq km area was surveyed and in 2019 the total area which was surveyed was 1682sq kms.

Which River flows in Tadoba National Park?

The name ‘Tadoba’ of the Tadoba National Park is derived from the name of the God Tadoba. Taru or Tadoba is praised by the tribal people living in the dense forest of Tadoba and Andhari Region. In the middle of the park, a river flows across the Andhari region and so this river is known as Andhari river. It is a minor river of the Wainganga Basin. It flows through the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. This river is famous and so this national park has derived its name from this river.

Which is the Best Gate in Tadoba?

Navegaon, Moharli&Kolara are the good gates in Tadoba National Park for sighting Tigers. These gates have good Tiger sighting Index. Though there are 12 entry gates in Tadoba and all these gates are good far from each other. It is said that Navegaon gate is the best gate for sighting Tiger. Here you will get the opportunity to spot Tiger and Cubs. Kolara is also the best gate for tiger sightings. Here the chances of Tiger sightings are high. You must book your resort near to these gates to have a comfortable safari ride.

Which is Better, Pench or Tadoba?

For Tiger lovers, Tadoba National park is the best choice in comparision to Pench National Park. Though Pench National Park is also unique, full of natural beauty,a great place to spot numbers of wild animals and beautiful birds but for Tiger lovers, Tadoba is the best place to visit. Due to good tiger sightings in Tadoba, it is attracting a large number of tourists including foreigners also.Tiger Sightings in Pench is poor in comparision to Tadoba National Park.

What is Tadoba National Park famous for?

Tadoba National Park, located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is famous for its natural heritage. It is one of the most exciting, beautiful and the most protected Tiger Reserve. It claims to have maximum possibilities of Tiger Sightings in Maharashtra. It is a great place to spend an ideal weekend especially for nature lovers and wild life lovers. Here you can spot the rare species of flora and fauna which makes your trip memorable. All these attractions assure the tourists to have enchanting wild life experience.

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