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Tadoba Entry With Covid-19 Safety Rules

After a long gap due to COVID-19, the Tadoba National park in Maharashtra is going to open from 1st October, 2021.Entire world is fighting with pandemic but now by taking precautionary measures almost all the sectors are opening gradually. So, Government of Maharashtra has decided to open Tadoba National Park from 1st of October,2020. Authorities have decided to take great measures for the tourists due to ongoing COVID-19. Authorities have decided to limit the number of tourists in each vehicle of safari ride and all the precautionary measures to avoid spread of COVID-19.

Now due to step by step unlock, the tourism industry is getting ready to have a new and fresh start by following certain safety rules to avoid spreading of COVID-19. Pandemic is still existing, so it is the duty of authorities as well as of tourists to take proper care and follow the safety rules strictly to make their trip memorable.

Entry to Tadoba National Parks with Covid-19 Safety Rules
  • Now entry to Tadoba National Park is restricted as per the age of customers. Children below 10 years of age are not allowed to visit the national park. Old age people above 65 years of age and the pregnant women are not eligible to get permit to visit the national park.
  • Now in each safari ride the maximum number of persons which are allowed are only six including a guide and a driver.
  • Wearing masks are compulsory apart from social distancing, sanitizing and thermal scanning. Visitors without masks are not allowed to enter the national park.
  • While entering the park, the tourists must be free from any symptoms of COVID-19. If any tourist is symptomatic then he or she will not be allowed to enter the park even his or her booking is made well in advance.
  • While in safari ride also, a proper social distancing must be made between the riders.
  • The canters and the jeeps must be sanitized properly before every ride.
  • Ticket booking must be strictly done online.
  • At the time of booking only the riders will be given a proper and complete guideline which must be strictly followed during the safari ride.
  • Aarogya Setu must be downloaded on the rider’s phone before making entry to national park.
  • Before boarding, the riders will be sanitized properly and a thermal screening will be done to every rider.
  • None of the riders are allowed to carry any of the food items with them. Riders can only carry water bottles with them.
  • Try to stay at least 6 feet apart from other visitor and any staff.
  • Try to have a short trip.
COVID-19 Safety Rules for the tourists to be followed by hotels and Resorts of Tadoba:
  • • The entry of the guest to the hotel or resort will be given only after the thermal screening test.
  • • Regular sanitization of the entire property of the resort including rooms, lobby, kitchen, bathrooms and entire portion of each and every resort and hotel will be done strictly.
  • • If any guest suffers from any health issues like fever, cold or breathing problems then he or she will be quarantines and the local authorities will be informed immediately.
  • • Entire guests and the staffs will have to wear masks.
  • • Entire food items will be sanitized properly before cooking.
  • • Proper social distancing must be maintained in all the area of the resort and hotel. Crowd and gathering must be avoided in any area of the resort.
  • • Aarogya Setu must be downloaded by every staff member and every guest.

These are certain safety rules which must be taken by tourists to maintain a corona free environment apart from the enjoyment amidst friends and family. Due to COVID-19, we cannot stop living and so the government has allowed the nature lovers and forest lovers to enjoy safari tours. By following strict guidelines, we can definitely spend some quality time in Tadoba amidst our family and friends.

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