Mahakali Temple Chandrapur

Mahakali Temple Chandrapur

The iconic of the Chandrapur town is Mahakali Mandir. The essence and the entire pride of the Chandrapur town lies in this famous temple of Mahakali. The temples of Ganeshji and Hanumanji is located in both the entrances of this temple of Mahakali and also Shani Mandir is there in the rear side of these temples. Both the entry gates of the temples are surrounded by the small shops of flowers, puja clothes, incense sticks, coconut etc for the devotees to offer in the temple.

Inside the Mandir of Mahakali, you will get the opportunity to see two idols. One is seen in reclining position and the other is seen in standing deity clad in red, yellow and orange colours. If you want to have a glimpse of reclining deity then you have to get below the ground level almost into a tunnel. Priests are there in the Mahakali Mandir to assist the devotees in their pujas and offerings.

Here, every year an annual fair is heldin the month of April, especially on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti. This occasion is attended by a large number of devotees and the entire facilities like accommodation, drinking water or Prasad distributions are arranged and managed by the Mandir and in the premises of Mandir only. The entire area gets occupied with numbers of shops selling various things of daily uses like toys, kitchen appliances, bangles, clothes, imitation jewelry etc. In this fair, people apart from shopping also enjoy magic shows and circus. Chandrapur localites waits eagerly for this fair and they enjoy a lot with their family.

Tourists of Tadoba National park must visit this Mahakali Mandir of Chandrapur as it is one of the famous attractions of Chandrapur. Tuesday is said to be the most sacred day to visit and worship this temple. A large number of Dharmshalas are managed by the temple to accommodate their devotees in free and they are located in the close proximity of the temple premises.

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