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khutwanda Gate - Tadoba

Tadoba National Park is one of the best Tiger Reserve which as it is the home of the numbers of globally famed Tigers. Undoubtedly, this national park is one of the most famous national Parks in India and outside India too. Every year, this famous national parks attracts thousands of wild life and nature enthusiasts. The prime attraction in the Tadoba National Park is the majestic Tigers but apart from it, birding is also one of the greatest attraction for bird lovers.

There are six core gates in Tadoba National Park and Khutwanda gate is one of them. Though it is not essential that you will be 100% successful in spotting Tigers during your safari ride from this gate but mere visiting in the national park from this gate offers a life time experience. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the national park, then you must visit Khutwanda Gate.

Moharli and the Khutwanda gates, both lead to similar forest ranges in Tadoba National Park. Both these gates are famous and are located very close to each other. So, if you have planned to have safari ride from Khutwanda Gate, then you must not waste your time and money for exploring Tadoba from Moharali Gate too. Safari ride from Khutwanda Gate has calm surroundings and this gate is more accessible to the forest of Tadoba. Khutwanda gate is the middle gate of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and so it is well interconnected with the several ranges of Tadoba. Tourists prefer this renowned gate for their Safari ride as the sightings from this gate is generous. The left side of this gate will lead to Jamuni, Navegaon and Koekana and towards the right direction of this gate, you will get the opportunity to view Telia, Mohruli and JamunJhora. As this gate is in the center of the park, you can easily access the other ranges of the forest. 3 to 4 versatile resorts are also located near this gate and Moharali is just 20-25 minutes' drive from this gate and the tourists usually enjoy staycation there.

Khutwanda Gate is famous as one of the best wild life Gates. This gate offers you the opportunity to spot almost all the species of wild animals very easily. There are ample of reasons, why this gate attracts the attention of the tourists. Really it is memorable, to spend your wonderful time amidst your family and friends here.

A total of 10 Jeeps are allocated at the Khutwanda Gate for safari ride. 5 Jeeps for morning safari ride and 5 jeeps for evening safari ride. From Nagpur via Chandrapur, this gate is only 130 kms. From Chandrapur, this famous gate is only 40 kms.

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